Platia Ring with Moldavite

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Part of the Moldavite collection, these are one-of-a-kind / nonreplicable pieces, as the moldavite itself is so rare.


As with the other Platia rings representing structure, balance, logics, law and order. This piece adds the uniqueness of the gem it holds. Moldavite, the result of a meteor impacting the earth and causing a one-time geo-chemical reaction that created this compound. 

It is said to have mythical properties. 
Some people wont come near it.
We like to keep it close to us. 

Currently at a size 8, we can modify to any number desired. 
This is a one of a kind piece 

  • Unique piece 
  • Weight ~ 15
  • Design and Crafted in Mexico 


Each one of our pieces is made to order, for which we require 2-3 weeks to produce and send your piece to you.

Our allows for certain customization and additional detailing if you wish to add an engraving or special touch to your piece.

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