Modern Relics

Awaken your mythology

Deep within each of us, lies a story, a tale, a myth.
The myth of our creation, our history and potential.

It is in honor to that aspect of the human being that we craft, modern relics, instruments of remembrance.

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Our Sanctuary in CDMX

Visit our workshop and sanctuary in Mexico City, the place where we dream, craft and share our pieces, in a meditative and contemplative space.

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Modern Relics

Crafted with Cosmic Iron

It is said that Meteorites, and galactic bodies entering our atmosphere are celestial gifts to humanity.

Formed primarily out of IRON, Meteorites hold a correspondence to WILL and RESILIENCE, giving us the strenght to overcome trials and tribulations.

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Cultivate Presence

Step into practice or discover the magic of Cha Dao, The Way of Tea - at our CDMX Atelier.


Modern Relics

Sun & Moon

Harnessing the power of precious metals and their planetary correspondences, Sunray is our mixed metal collection using:

.925 Silver (Moon :: Perception) 
18kt Rose Gold - composed of Copper (Venus :: Understanding) and Gold (Sun :: Awareness).


The pieces we create, are reminders, ikaros, prayers that align us into our path and purpose - accompanying us through this sojourn on Earth

Juan Pablo Heredia | founder

Forged with intent

Just like ideas, there is unlimited potential to molten silver before it is casted, as once it is poured it solidifies and sets into a certain permanence. For this reason, from the method to the day in which we cast each piece is taken into consideration.

Detailed with care

Eachone of our pieces is carefully finished, formed and given its unique facets and form.
Not two pieces are alike.

Mystically informed

Our process, inspiration and methodology is deeply informed by mystical principles and achlemical practices. We see our objects beyond innanimate but rather as materialization of greater intent.

Handcrafted relics

Onces casted and formed our pieces can last centuries, and yet they look like they have belong to this plane since ancient times.

Embody your mythology

Allow these pieces to awaken a dormant part of yourself, a part that is greater than form, and has been ever present.


Each of our pieces is formed by hand, sculpted and retouched with uniqueness as one of our key pillars by our master artesans in Mexico.


Each pieces is birthed with intention and meaning to their shape, proportion and creation process.


Onces casted and formed our pieces can last centuries, and yet they look like they have belong for


Welcome to our world

My name is Juan Pablo Heredia, and I am the founder of EKAM.

From a young age, I have been a restless creative, always tethered to esoteric teachings and principles.

EKAM ATELIER is the outpour and focus point of my view on life and how to participate in it as spiritual beings, physically focused.

Through my work, I seek to awaken a mythical perspective to life that expresses our radiant essence. Your radiant essence.

Here you will find sacred adornments, ritual pieces, objects and all sorts of creations that outpout from this vision.

We hope our creation serves you.