An immeasurable amount of human consciousness has been devoted to tea, on all levels, from spiritual to mundane. There is reciprocity in this relationship. 


Tea flushes us out, removing impurities from our system. In a world where we intake more pollutants in 24 hours than most people did in their entire lives centuries ago, it is a valuable cleanse. More importantly, tea flushes the heart, the true source of our disharmony and sickness. 

To be healthy is to be whole, connected, awake, and aligned with Truth. 

In terms of that, there are few plants that can help us balance daily, aiding us spiritually and physically, deepening our meditation practice. 


Once you meet tea, it becomes your lifetime friend. 


We wish to enable you to carry this connection further, to your homes, friends, or families. Everything that is connected to the ritual of drinking tea can be found in store and we are more than happy to support you in bridging the right items. 


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