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Elemental Creation Rod

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These solid silver rods are made to bring order to things… primarily your hair.
And order always has a sequence. 

Inspired by the Chinese Creation Cycle, these rods are made our of Wood and Silver with applications of precious stones and Earth elements.

  • WOOD - hardwood rod + .925 Silver application
  • FIRE - .925 Silver rod with 5 Rubys
  • EARTH - .925 Silver rod with inlay petrified wood
  • METAL - .925 Silver rod 
  • WATER - .925 Silver rod with 5 sapphires

Each rod is 15 cm long and is crafted specifically for you upon request.

(How to get your hair up tutorials coming soon)

Each one of our pieces is made to order, for which we require 2-3 weeks to produce and send your piece to you.

Our allows for certain customization and additional detailing if you wish to add an engraving or special touch to your piece.

Mexico: Free delivery in orders above $00 USD, all other orders $10 shipping fee delivered by DHL.

US & Canda Delivery: Delivered via Fedex International at a $50 cost.

International: Delivered via Fedex International at a $80 cost.

Returns: We trust you will love your piece upon arrival. Should you change your mind of wish to change, we offer a return for a credit on any of our orders.

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